Advertising with All Hungary

A famous American businessman once said he was sure half the money he spent on advertising was wasted, only that he didn't know which half. At All Hungary Media, we strive to make sure none of our advertisers' money is wasted, by offering the best available prices and terms, including special sponsorships opportunities and both long-term and first-time advertising discounts. Contact us for information on current availability or pricing.

The highest-quality second-language content in Hungary comes with the most effective advertising solutions. Coincidence? Maybe. Opportunity? Definitely.

By Adview

Like other modern media companies, we allow our advertisers to purchase blocks of ad views (AVs). ("Impressions" and "ad views" mean the same thing; that the banner ad has been displayed once.) This approach is best for those advertisers who want to know exactly how much they are paying each time their ad is viewed, or who want to concentrate or spread out their ad's exposure over a given period of time, depending on their promotional requirements. Currently, we serve ads bought by AV via two large-format, industry-standard banner sizes present on most of our sites' pages: 728x90 pixels (view sample) and 300x250 pixels (view sample). In addition to the "packages" offered at right, we can offer purchasers of ads by AV a media plan custom-tailored for their needs.

Minimum Order List Price/AV
25,000 AV Ft 6
50,000 AV Ft 5
100,000 AV Ft 3
250,000 AV Ft 2

By Time (Site Sponsorships)

In addition to ad views, we can also offer a more traditional, time-based advertising opportunity in the form of a limited number of monthly "site sponsorships." Under this program, a 300x100 pixel button (view sample) appears on every page of the site being sponsored for the duration of the sponsorship, with the different sponsors' banners rotating with each page refresh.

Sponsor Category # of Sites Price/Site
Bronze 1 Ft 40,000
Silver 2-3 Ft 30,000
Gold 4-6 Ft 25,000

By Click/Action

We can also offer selected advertisers the opportunity to order campaigns on a cost-per-click (CT) or even cost-per-action (CPA) basis. Contact us for more information on current availability or pricing.

Other Benefits

As an added bonus, we provide additional exposure for our advertising partners by giving them a special mention once weekly in our newsletter, and in a "sponsor-appreciation post" on one of our websites each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are you better than other online foreign-language publishers in Hungary?
A: We have the biggest and most engaged readership, the best content, and the best advertising solutions for our commercial partners.

Q: Why is online advertising better than newspapers for reaching foreigners living in Hungary?
A: Because the one thing most such expats have in common is that they are online, and have moved on from traditional, paper-based media.

Q: What about the websites of these foreign-language newspapers?
A: They are inferior to ours in design and content, draw fewer readers, and are more expensive for advertisers.

Q: Why do you publish six different websites rather than one?
A: As with the Hungarian-language media market, foreign-language readers are becoming increasingly segmented. This also helps our advertisers, who can limit their exposure to those sites offering content appropriate to their product or services, such as food and wine, tourism, and business news.

Q: How do I know if my advertising campaign is effective?
A: We give all our advertisers access to our ad-serving software, which allows them to track ad views, click-throughs and other key statistics.

Q: I don't need to reach foreign-language readers. Do you offer any websites in Hungarian?
A: Actually, yes! Our parent company operates, an online ad network, which currently represents Hundreds of websites in Hungary.